Best Ever Saddle Pads

"Our saddle pads begin with the most important basics: top quality 100% wooland top grade wear leathers. Each saddle pad offers our unique two-piece contour design, specifically cut to allow the cinch to mold naturally around the horse’s girth, allowing for closer contact for the rider’s legs. Our saddle pad design also features a cutout over the withers, providing better wither clearance beneath the tree of the western saddle while reducing the amount of pressure put on the spine by saddle and rider. In addition, the shape and material of our saddle pads helps prevent over-cinching and saddle movement, allowing for a greater range of motion to increase your horse’s overall performance. We offer several different sizes of saddle pads to suit you and your horse’s specific needs, offering 25×25 Pony, 28×28 Small Barrel, 30×30 Standard, and 32×32 Large pad sizes, each in a variety of thicknesses with options to build up or line the saddle pad. If you don’t see the size you need, we are happy to work with you to create a custom cut pad to suit your needs. In today’s western industry, saddle pads are offered in a variety of materials, ranging from synthetic fibers to gels to open and closed cell foams, but here at Best Ever Pads, we offer the long-standing first choice of rodeo professionals and athletes alike, wool, for the base of our saddle pads." These saddle pads shown are just a few examples that are available for purchase!! Contact us if you would like to customize your own, change colors on a pad, etc. These pads are 110% customizable to your need!